Flatter tops👗


As I mentioned before, Sukhna Lake 🌊 is one of the best places for peace and hangout with friends. So even I was out with my friends on a good day, with a pleasant weather in the city. Like me, there were these two girls who were clicking some selfies and enjoying the weather. 🍁

When I started with a conversation with the two, they told how much they enjoy outing with each other on a day like this.
When I asked them if given a chance which designer would you choose to get the best outfit, one of them said “We don’t need any designer, we would rather love to design our own clothes.”

* I would love to owe you as my designer too*💋

I really love the way they were dressed up. The one with black and white striped top had wonderfully paired up with Navy Blue jeans and chic flats.

The other one was wearing a flattered top with light shaded boyfriend jeans with simple trending flats.


I’m really fascinated about how lovely are the people of my hometown and how well dressed are they.
After all, “Shehr Chandigarh diyan kudian, att ne, b att ne, b att ne.” (Chandigarh girls are the best, beautiful of all.)👌💛😉

Looking forward for your reviews😘

The Chandigarh Style.


11 thoughts on “Flatter tops👗

  1. Chandigarh. . MY CITY. .

    But what’s yhis light shaded boyfriend Jean. . I don’t get this..

    And sukhna lake ..Oh yes took me years back .. The early morning jogs.. evening strolls.. using the rowing boats at Lake club..


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  2. Hi there Chandigarh being my hometown has much more to offer than girls n style. Plz. Plz. Plz. add some more killer content to your posts. Looking forward to read n see more about my city.


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