I was in love with the dressing sense of this girl…She was wearing this and that….? No… this is not the way I’ll describe this beauty.

What captured us about this young diva was the way she was carrying her clothes. I mean the attitude she was carrying while she was walking was too good. And honestly you’ll see this in girls here. And infact she was not in attitude, we could see the confidence she was carrying while she was walking down the city.

While talking to her, we asked her whether we can take a picture of her or not. She was indeed so happy and was like ‘yeah sure‘ and after the click we had a good conversation about what is the definition of style in her way. She flawlessly replied, ‘A girl carrying a great confidence and a pretty smile on her face is an accessory or you could say cherry on the cake to whatever she’s wearing.’

*And we can see this in her picture as well* 😘

Although she mentioned that she doesn’t like blind folded trend follow wala thing.
Yeah girl, I loved your point.

This picture is a big thumbs up to the trend we see here. A lot more to come on the blog.

Wishing you have a great evening folks!💝
The Chandigarh Style.


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